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Product Overview

The Jackson Vibe Boot is a extremely durable, which makes it excellent for outdoor and park use, but also sleek and stylish for use in rinks and on dancefloors. Constructed from textured PU uppers, the boot has a felt and EVA foam tongue and an antibacterial breathable nylon lining. On the outside, the toe box is covered with a cut-resistant cap and bumper guards to prevent abrasion to the boot. The vegan-friendly Vibe Boot even has water-resistant PVC outsoles, reinforced lace hooks, and added sealers along the cuff area to prevent tongue abrasion.


  • Durable textured PU uppers
  • Cut resistant toe cap and bumper guards to protect the inside and outside ball area from abrasion
  • Tongue with felt and EVA for comfort, feel, and to protect against lace bite
  • Anti-bacterial breathable nylon lining for feel and comfort and odor-resistant
  • Added sealer along the cuff area to avoid tongue abrasion
  • Soft wrap for security, fit, feel, and performance
  • PVC water-resistant outsoles
  • Made on the Jackson AWC lasts for a better fit and comfort in the arch and instep area
  • Reinforced hooks
  • Aspire insoles for a better feel of your skate
  • Vegan friendly!


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review