Sisu Aero Next Gen

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Product Overview

At a lean 1.6mm, the ultralight design of the SISU Aero Mouthguard is 50% thinner than conventional sports mouth guards. Combined with its quick, custom and remoldable fit, you'll entirely forget it’s there.

♠️♦️ This item is a shop favorite that we have have tons of experience with and love! ♣️♥️


  • Easy to talk in!
  • Remoldable up to 30 times
  • BPA, Latex, PVC, Phthalate free
  • $35,000 full dental warranty (1 year)
  • Got braces? No problem. A dentist can work with you to fit this mouthguard around them(NOT applicable for size small)


Medium is generally universal, but please see this FAQ from Sisu to double check your size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review