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The Chaya Diamond Roller Derby boots are full carbon high-end boots. They are drenched in delicious details – from the PU-Nano leather upper, the leather covered abrasion resistant toe cap to the zipped stretch lace cover. These boots have it all. The inside of the Diamond boot is made for long skating hours and hard Roller Derby playing. The derby boots use two types of padding. First of is a comfortable EVA padding. Second and more importantly is the use of Poron padding known from the medical industry. Poron provides the best in comfort without compromising the power transfer. Furthermore, the Poron ensures supreme impact cushioning. The foam of the Diamond boots is covered in a soft touch microfiber. The laces are waxed for a long locked hold.


  • Carbon Composite shell with Kevlar reinforcements
  • Lace Cover with zip for clean look and no lace hassle
  • Extra Heel Lock for the perfect fit
  • Dual Center Mount system
  • Fully Heatmouldable carbon
  • MY FIT shell
  • Microfiber Lining and Upper along with Nanoleather and protective scuff resistant leather on toe
  • Anatomical Innersole Super Lightweight (size 42 only 314g)
  • Lightly waxed laces
  • Extra Durable with highest quality abrasion resistant materials


Ace of Skates always recommends that you come in for a professional fitting on derby boots.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review