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Product Overview

The Eclipse is Chaya's newest high end boot that looks and feels unlike any other derby boot on the market today. A high quality, durable, super light weight carbon shell sits at the perfect height for dynamic ankle movement and a lock tight heel ensuring support and extreme responsiveness. This new shell is made with flex cuts to ensure perfect fitting right out of the box and has new reinforced and stronger toe, bottom and heel area. This paired with Chaya's unique mesh-flex upper and pull through lace loops offers extreme comfort and a heavenly glove-like feel. Designed with a heavy focus on comfort, the boot features internal flex cuts, a memory foam footbed and a shock proof toe.

♠️♦️ This item is a shop favorite that we have have tons of experience with and love! Ace personally uses and loves this boot!♣️♥️


  • Carbon Composite Shell
  • PU-Leather, Mesh Microfiber Uppers
  • Standard Lacing w/ Lace Loops
  • MyFit Memory Foam Insole
  • Shock Proof Toe
  • DCM (Dual Center Mount) for Chaya Plates
  • Traditional Mounting Possible
  • MyFit Heat Moldable


Ace of Skates always recommends that you come in for a professional fitting on derby boots. If that is not an option, see the following size chart.

Chaya Eclipse Rollerskates Size 38 ONLY :: £350.00 :: Roller Derby ::  Roller Derby Skates :: Bridgend Cycle Centre


(No reviews yet) Write a Review